Q&A with Student President Alina Lanyo

Name: Alina Lanyo
Course: Business Level 3                                                                                                             
Campus: Warrington
FACT: Alina can speak six different languages: Czech, English, Hungarian, Russian, Slovak and Ukrainian.

What made you decide to run for Student President?
I was born in the Ukraine and emigrated to England in 2017. I held a similar position in The Lyceum of Mukachevo – a secondary school in my hometown. I want to give students a voice and make an impact and this is the best position to do this.

What qualities do you have that make you confident you will be a great leader of the student council?
I believe I have good leadership, organisation and time management skills. These skills I learnt from my mother who used to work for the local council in Ukraine. What’s more, my stepfather was a Head Teacher and I used to volunteer at his school’s summer camp, which gave me some great experience.

Do you have any new ideas that you are going to try to implement?
The college offers a fantastic enrichment programme and I’d like to help the college’s Enrichment Co-ordinator Bev advertise this across both campuses, to encourage more students to get involved. There have been a lot of requests for volleyball to be added to the programme, so I’m keen to organise this.

Why did you choose Warrington & Vale Royal College?
I applied to two local colleges and attended both open evenings. The reception I received at Warrington & Vale Royal College was much warmer than the other college. The staff were really friendly and the facilities are great. It just felt right.

What are your career or education aspirations after leaving Warrington & Vale Royal College?
I’d like to get a job and get some real work experience under my belt. I’m not sure what yet, perhaps within marketing or PR. My dream is to run my own business.


Get involved with Warrington & Vale Royal College’s Student Council. Contact our Enrichment Coordinator Beverley on bmarriette@wvr.ac.uk.

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