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A day in the life of an Apprentice Reviewer: Jenny Tickle's insightful visit to Widnes Fire Station

Jenny Tickle, Apprentice Reviewer at Warrington & Vale Royal College, has a crucial role in supporting over 50 apprentices pursuing their firefighting qualifications. Working closely with Cheshire Fire & Rescue, she makes it a priority to become well-acquainted with each fire station, and she always receives a warm and friendly welcome when she visits her apprentices. She recently spent the day at Widnes Fire Station with Watch Manager Bebbington, Firefighter Royal, Firefighter Hoey, and apprentice Firefighter Jackman.

Jenny using hose

Her recent visit to Widnes Fire Station, with the White Watch on duty, provided a unique opportunity to observe apprentice firefighter Jade Jackman in action, while also enhancing her own understanding of the profession. Jade, Level 3 Operational Firefighter apprentice, recently passed her End Point Assessment (EPA) and was eager to share her knowledge and skills with Jenny.

The day began with an introduction to the essential daily routine of the station. Jenny observed a pump inventory, where she was introduced to a vast array of equipment and tools, each with its own specific function. This hands-on learning experience was followed by a hazmat drill, a crucial exercise in managing hazardous materials safely. Donning full firefighting gear, Jenny participated in the drill, an experience that underscored the physical and mental demands of the profession. Firefighter Hoey then demonstrated a dry peel, a technique used to safely remove protective clothing without contamination and providing another immersive learning experience for Jenny.

Jade propping Jenny up

Concluding the day was a practical session with fire hoses. Jade showed Jenny two different types of hoses, explaining their uses and demonstrating their handling. Jenny was astounded by the power of the water pressure, which was so intense that Jade had to help her maintain her footing!

Reflecting on her visit, Jenny shared: "Everyone at Widnes Fire Station was so welcoming, just like all the stations I visit. This particular experience was fantastic. I learned a lot and gained invaluable insight into the profession."

Jenny's commitment to her role not only benefits the apprentices she supports but also enriches her own understanding of the challenges and skills required in the field of firefighting. Her visit to Widnes Fire Station is a testament to the collaborative spirit and dedication that drives the success of apprenticeships at Warrington & Vale Royal College, cementing its recent recognition as a Top 10 FE College nationally for apprenticeship success.

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