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HNC Engineering students are focusing on boosting their career prospects

We recently caught up with several of our adult engineering students to find out how they are finding their college courses and their experience of studying at Warrington & Vale Royal College. Here’s what they told us:

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Lewis Delaney Turner Resized

Previous Warrington & Vale Royal College student Lewis decided to return to education and study a HNC Electrical & Electronic Engineering qualification to improve his career prospects.

When asked about what he feels is the best aspect of studying at the college, Lewis said: “The course is so well organised; whenever we complete a piece of work, we get good quality feedback which helps us improve. The course also fits well around my other commitments and there is a lot of online study which can be accessed from home, or I can use the Learning Resource Centre at college. My tutor is always available to us and provides good support and feedback during tutorials and online.”

So far on the course, Lewis has learned about circuit theories and the maths behind designing circuits, as well as logic circuits and how they are used in the industry to control functions. Lewis plans to gain a more technical role in the industry, leading to improved job satisfaction and an increased salary and benefits. He feels he is gaining the knowledge he needs on the course to achieve this goal.

Sean is currently enrolled on our HNC Electrical & Electronic Engineering course and he hopes this qualification will support his career progression within his current employment. Sean says that this course fits well with his other commitments as his employer, who chose the college for Sean to complete his qualifications, lets him have the day off work to attend tutorials.

During his HNC qualification, Sean has found that he enjoys learning about math calculations, using different formulas to calculate the answers, and learning all about various circuit theorems and how logic gates function in larger circuits.

When we asked Sean how his tutor guided him through the course, Sean said: “My tutors have helped me throughout the course and make sure to reply to any comments I make to help improve my work.”

“This course is giving me the knowledge on electronics and electrical circuits I need to progress in my current career.”

Sean Millington Resized
Daniel Morgan Resized

Daniel Morgan enrolled on our Level 4 Engineering Manufacturing Technician Apprenticeship / HNC General Engineering course to further his knowledge and skillset to advance his career path. Daniel previously studied Sports & Exercise Science at university but thought that an apprenticeship was more suited to him, and he was attracted to the fact that he could learn on the job.

Daniel says that one of the best aspects of studying here is the fabulous facilities available within the college and the fact that lessons are at a good time that fit around his other commitments. As Daniel has switched career paths, this is his first time learning about engineering, so he has loved learning the fundamentals of the subject; he is grateful that his tutor is efficient in giving feedback on his work after each unit - it gives him a good idea of his skills.

In the future, Daniel wishes to complete his apprenticeship and secure full-time employment.

James Beech is currently completing his Level 4 Engineering Manufacturing Technician Apprenticeship with us here at Warrington & Vale Royal College. James has always been interested in engineering and, having previously studied a level 3 course at a different college, he wanted to further his progression, so when his employer offered to put him on this HNC General Engineering course, it was a no-brainer!

As his employer gives him a day’s release from work to attend college, the course fits great around any other commitments he may have as it only takes place one day a week. This course has refreshed James’ already existing knowledge from his earlier studies from his level 3 course, covering the basics of electrical engineering and mathematics to a further extent. He notes: “Although I work independently, there is always help and support available if I need it during and outside of tutorial time.” After completing his apprenticeship, James hopes to stay working within the mechanical engineering sector.

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Bradley Taylor Resized

Bradley Taylor, HNC General Engineering/ Electrical & Electronic Engineering student, began studying with us when his employer recommended this college to complete his Level 4 qualification. Bradley previously studied his Level 3 qualification in engineering at another college.

The course fits well around work and social life, as his employer allows a day release from work to attend lessons. Bradley has nothing but positive things to say about the college, particularly the software and technology that is available to support his learning.

So far, Bradley has learned the basics of electrical engineering and has gained a greater understanding of the digital aspects of engineering. Bradley says: “My tutors have given me great support with my coursework, which I really appreciate.”

In the future, Bradley hopes to become a maintenance engineer and feels like this course is the perfect gateway to helping him progress toward that career goal.

Rob, a HNC General Engineering student, heard about the course from his employer, who had previously studied here and recommended it to him to progress in his current career.

Rob, who has a degree in biology, previously worked behind a desk but didn’t feel satisfied in his role and wanted to retrain in a more practical profession. Rob complimented the great facilities available at our Warrington Campus, especially our Higher Education Learning Resource Centre.

So far, Rob has learned the basics of electrical engineering and mechanical principles, and has been introduced to scientific and mechanical engineering. Rob says: "As electrical engineering was new to me, I really enjoyed learning about it. It helped that my tutor is always available and provides timely coursework feedback.”

Rob’s future plans are to progress in his current role as it is both enjoyable and challenging. The HNC General Engineering course is helping him to prove his knowledge in the sector as sites sometimes request to see qualifications.

Rob Young Resized
Jason Jones Resized

Former electrician, Jason Jones, is currently enrolled on our HNC Electrical & Electronic Engineering course to further his career. He chose to study his Level 4 qualification here at Warrington & Vale Royal College as it is close to home, and his colleagues recommended the course. His workplace allows Jason a day’s release to attend college and study, which he says makes it less stressful as it gives Jason an allotted time to focus on his studies.

So far, Jason has enjoyed learning the basics of various subjects that he previously wasn’t aware of; he has especially enjoyed the digital aspects of the course, including being introduced to new computer programmes.

Jason says: “The facilities at the college are perfect for what I need to learn. My tutors have been so helpful throughout the course so far and make it clear that they are always available to answer any questions I have.”

After completing his HNC qualification, Jason hopes to progress onto the HND course and continue progressing within the engineering industry.

We want to wish our HNC Engineering students the best of luck for the future as they progress through their courses and in their chosen careers!

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