Winner of STEM Christmas tree competition goes viral

Plumbing's entry into the STEM Christmas competition

The winner of Warrington & Vale Royal College’s STEM Christmas tree competition has gone viral after being picked up by social media channel ‘On The Tools’.

The tree – complete with water and flames – was designed and built by the college’s plumbing students, and has had over 360,000 views on Facebook.

Students from brickwork, carpentry, plumbing, motor vehicle, science and electrical all went head-to-head to create the very best Christmas creation, but it was plumbing’s innovative idea – showing all forms of their trade – that was crowned the winner by principal Nichola Newton.

Followers of the college’s Facebook and Twitter accounts were also given the chance to vote, with plumbing come out in tied first place.

Cath Brierley, Curriculum Director for STEM & Construction, said: “Every single student and member of staff who took part in the competition deserves a round of applause – they did exceptionally well and put a lot of thought into how they could incorporate their trade into the finished products.”

But as with all competitions, there can only be one winner and plumbing was deemed to be the most deserving.

Coming in second was electrical with their blinding display, while motor vehicle’s snowman – made from recycled tyres, windscreen wipers, headlamps and wheels – came third. Other creations included a ‘brickmas’ tree, complete with snowman and presents, carpentry’s ‘woodmas’ tree and science’s tree made of test tubes and chemicals.

Cath added: “We are delighted that the work of our plumbing department has now gone viral on social media. The STEM and construction teams are already working on their ideas for next year, with plans for Valentine’s and Easter creations also in the pipeline.”



Electrical's entry into the STEM Christmas competition

Brickwork''s entry into the STEM Christmas competition

Carpentry & Joinery's entry into the STEM Christmas competitionScience's entry into the STEM Christmas competition

Motor Vehicle's entry into the STEM Christmas competition