Students see the world through different eyes

Health & Social Care and Childcare students have been given a rare insight into life without sight, thanks to an inspirational visit by Corinna Swift from St Paul’s Eye Unit.

Corinna, who works at Royal Liverpool & Broadgreen University Hospitals NHS Trust as an Eye Clinic Liaison Officer, spoke to students about the difficulties faced by those who have suffered sight loss, as well as giving them important advice on how to properly help and guide those with such impairments.

After an inspirational talk, Corinna, who lost her own sight as a child after being born with congenital cataracts, gave students the opportunity to try on a variety of glasses which simulate different eye conditions, including a pair that allowed them to view life through Corinna’s eyes.

Students were able to see the world through the eyes of those who have glaucoma, diabetic retinopathy and macular degeneration. They were tasked with carrying out a number of everyday activities including pouring a drink, writing their name, and counting out loose change.

Chelsea Tucker, who is studying Health & Social Care Level 2 at the College, said: “This has made me realise how much I take my sight for granted, how much we all do.”

Corinna said: “By giving these students an insight into sight loss and how to guide someone, it will really help them when they go into the world of work as they are likely to be working with people who have this hidden disability in the future.”