#NAW2018: Apprentices of the Day – Tiger Trailers

As part of the 11th anniversary celebrations of National Apprenticeship Week, we’re shining the spotlight on a successful apprentice each day this week, sharing how an apprenticeship works for them.

Today, we’re shining the spotlight on four learners who are currently completing apprenticeships with Tiger Trailers.

Talented young engineers are earning their stripes thanks to an exciting apprenticeship scheme, designed in partnership with Warrington & Vale Royal College.

More than 30 engineering manufacturing apprentices have joined the ranks at Winsford-based trailer manufacturer, Tiger Trailers, since the start of the scheme four years ago.

Each apprentice learns a variety of skills, with the support of a mentor, ranging from bodybuilding and welding to auto electrics and pre-delivery inspection checks. Each apprentice gains the knowledge needed to play a key role in Tiger’s future growth and success.

Second year apprentice Callum Whitby – who has been named Tiger’s Apprentice of the Year twice – said: “I absolutely love my apprenticeship with Tiger Trailers. I was originally doing a full time engineering course at college but I wanted to get more hands on experience, and this apprenticeship is giving me the skills and knowledge I need for the future.

“An apprenticeship gives you a sense of purpose. You know that when you get up on a morning, there is a job there for you to do and it gives you the practical experience you need for industry.”

Fellow apprentice Ben Wylde – a former Hartford High School student – said: “An apprenticeship works for me because it allows me to gain the practical skills I need to succeed in engineering, whilst earning a weekly wage at the same time. You’re going to be working all your life and so an apprenticeship gives you that experience and puts you in the right mindset for work.”

Cole Graham, a third year apprentice at Tiger Trailers, said: “My apprenticeship with Tiger Trailers give me the chance to experience different parts of engineering and working with the tools – that’s what I want to do in the future.”

Former Winsford Academy pupil Ryan Dickens, who is due to complete his apprenticeship in the coming weeks, added: “My assessor at college told me about the apprenticeship programme at Tiger Trailers after I was made redundant from my last job. An apprenticeship was the right choice for me because it meant that I was able to earn a wage at the same time as I was learning.


“I’ve really enjoyed my time at Tiger Trailers and it was great to be named Apprentice of the Year as it was recognition of the work I’ve put in. I have learned so much during my apprenticeship and have developed as a person – I’m now working a lot more independently than I was at the beginning.”

Tiger founders John and Steven Cartwright are great supporters of apprenticeships and take pride in the scheme, which is allowing the company to build its future workforce, instilling its own ideals and working ways into its staff.

And Darren Holland, the company’s Sales Director, is also a big believer in apprenticeships, adding: “I started as an engineering apprentice, learning all the skills on the shop floor. Without that experience, I wouldn’t be where I am today. The things I’ve learned set me on my way, giving me the confidence and industry knowledge to move into the back office where I’ve gone from strength to strength.”

Tiger Trailers will be recruiting its next intake of apprentices in September. For more information, call our Apprenticeships Team on 01925 494271 or email apprenticeships@wvr.ac.uk