‘Language is Power’ for Warrington Collegiate artists

Talented artists at Warrington Collegiate have been proving that language really is power with their latest project, carried out in collaboration with the College’s English department.

At the heart of the project is the idea of celebrating both written and visual language, with students using reading as their inspiration.

The ‘Language is Power’ exhibition has grown out of the College’s English Strategy to encourage reading combined with the art students’ visual communication unit. It is currently on display in the Crescent within the Winwick Road campus.

This innovative project is the product of months of hard creative work and student determination. The theme of ‘Youth in Society’ led to much inspired imaginative art-work.

Students were tasked with using quotes, lyrics and poems to represent themselves, their beliefs and allow their voices to be heard. Certain quotes are more popular than the people who said them to begin with. They are also used repeatedly, but does anyone actually know the meanings and origins behind the quotes that they are using?

‘Language is Power’ has ensured that students at the College engage with the meaning and origin of the quotes they have chosen.

The impressive pieces of artwork – which include tapestries, paintings, sculptures and even a rocking horse – contain famous quotes ranging from literary greats such as John Steinbeck and George Orwell to musical masterminds The Smiths.

Art tutor Ashley Clinton said: “The idea of the project is to promote reading and encourage more students to do so. The group has really done themselves proud – not only have the students created some incredible artwork, but they have created something that will make people stop and think; something that may make some students go and find out what the quote is all about and introduce them to a book or poem they haven’t read before.”

Head of English, Elizabeth Draper, commented: “This project has been fantastic for our students to extend themselves, be inspired by reading and then promote that very reading in their wonderful art work for all to see.”