Allison prepares for Hockey World Cup in Australia

Exciting times are ahead for Allison Gallacher, Programme Leader for HND Sport and Exercise Science at Warrington Collegiate, as she prepares to fly to Australia at the end of March to coach England’s LX Lionesses at the Hockey Masters World Cup.

Allison, who has played hockey all of her life, will work as the team’s Tactics and Strength and Conditioning Coach throughout the tournament.

She said: “It’s a really fantastic opportunity for me – I’m so excited to go over to Canberra to coach one of the two teams England are entering into the competition.

“I’m a goalkeeper and have played hockey all my life. That eagerness to play and competitiveness has never really gone away but at the minute I’ve got a bad knee which means I’ve had to put playing to one side.

“This role means I can still be involved in the game at the highest level which is great.

“It’s also a fantastic opportunity for me to show my students that I’m practicing what I preach. I’m actually going out there and getting involved.

“Because I teach Sport Science, I’ll be using everything that I teach when I get out to Australia to make sure the team are prepared for each game.”

Allie has represented England in many tournaments throughout her playing career, including the Commonwealth Games. Her brother Graeme also represents England as a player.

To make the trip a possibility, Allie must fund two thirds herself, meaning she must raise £3,000.

She said: “My students have said they’ll each give me £1 which is fantastic.

“It’s a great opportunity for me but also a great opportunity for my students too as I will be able to feedback to them and use what I learn in Australia to further help them.”

While in Australia, Allie will meet up with her two of her current students – professional Rugby League players in the NRL who she currently teachers via early morning Skype sessions.