School leaver – frequently asked questions

What if my son/daughter is unsure about the course they would like to do?

Choosing the right course at college is one of the most important decisions your son and daughter will make.  To make a successful decision, students need to research their options through gathering information from Connexions, schools and colleges.  Our School Liaison team visits schools  to provide information about the range of courses and careers available as well as arranging tasters and inviting young people to our Open Evenings.

The Open Evening provides an opportunity to look round the college and talk to tutors and existing students about the courses and career options.  Once your son or daughter has made their choice they need to fill in an application form and send it in to Admissions in Learner Services, who will arrange an interview and contact your son or daughter explaining what happens next.

What if my son/daughter does not like the course they have enrolled on?

The first three weeks at Warrington Collegiate will be very important in terms of ‘Checking your Choice’ and making sure that your son/daughter is on the right course.  If your son/daughter feels that they are on the wrong course the first thing for them to do is to speak to their Learning Coach/ Tutor. They will be able to go through the options available and look into the possibility of transferring to another course.

Learner Services are there to ensure the first few months are as enjoyable for students and as stress free as possible.  During this settling-in period, students should ask any questions or concerns that they may have and discuss any concerns or worries they may be experiencing.

Will it cost my son/daughter anything to study at Warrington Collegiate?

If your son or daughter is aged 16-18, they will not have to pay for the course, however, they may need to purchase kit/equipment for the course. Financial support is available for eligible students, for further information please telephone 01925 494494 and ask for a member of the Finance and Welfare team.

Is there help available for students with learning difficulties and disabilities?

Yes.  We will be able to support a student with a disability more effectively if he/she discloses any disability or medical condition that affects his/her ability to study.  We aim to plan support and provide reasonable adjustments as far in advance as possible for all disabled students. Please contact Learner Services on 01925 494494 or email: to discuss individual requirements.

Additional Parent Information:

Safeguarding: Warrington Collegiate has a Safeguarding Policy to ensure that all vulnerable adults, young people and children attending activities in the college do so in a safe and secure environment. It sets out the steps we take to protect vulnerable adults, children and young people and the procedures we would use to deal with any issues.

The Safeguarding Policy is approved by the Governors and Senior Management.  Any student concerned about their own safety or the safety of another student should speak to their Learning Coach/ Tutor, a Welfare Adviser in Learner Services or the college’s Safeguarding Officers.