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Does the thought of ordering something online fill you with fear? Unable to navigate the latest new-fangled phone? Want to keep in touch with friends and family online, but don’t know how to sign up to Facebook? If any of these questions feel like they resonate with you then you are in the right place! Or perhaps someone else comes to mind?

We know that not everyone is tech-savvy and that sometimes a little (or a lot of) tech support would go a long way in a world that seems to be getting more and more technological by the day!

We have put together a selection of short courses to help bridge the gap when it comes to tech know-how and help even those with the most limited of skills gain confidence when getting online.

You can join our programme at any of the 4 steps shown depending on what skills you want to learn.


Step 1 – Digital Basics – One Day Taster Sessions

Our one-day taster sessions last for 3 hours and will equip you with the basic skills needed to feel confident when tackling social media, your new smartphone or tablet or just browsing. Feel free to join us for one or all four of these courses and build your tech confidence.

Everyone will be in the same boat, so no need to worry about feeling foolish. Come along meet like-minded people and have some fun!


Step 2 – Introduction to Essential Digital Skills

Our introductory course provides students with an insight into five main subject areas, including: using devices and handling information, creating and editing, communicating online, transacting online activities and how to be responsible, safe and legal online.

Over three weeks you will learn the basics needed to get going online and build your confidence. Recommended for students with basic or no digital skills.

Check out the dates and times of this course here. Available at both Warrington & Winsford campuses.


Step 3 – Essential Digital Skills – Entry Level

Following on from the introductory course, step 3 will build upon lessons learnt and introduce further digital skills for life and the workplace. Teaching students digital skills that will improve their employability prospects as well as in day-to-day life.

Recommended for students who already have an understanding of how to use a tablet, computer or mobile phone but would like to improve their day-to-day skills.

Check out the dates and times of this course here. Available at both Warrington & Winsford campuses.


Step 4 – Essential Digital Skills – Level 1

The final stage of your digital journey takes the lessons learnt in earlier stages and builds your skills to a level that will support you in life situations, the workplace and if you are considering further study routes. Upon completion, students will have a wide selection of new skills that will provide access to a whole new world of opportunities.

Recommended for students who need to improve their digital skills in the workplace.

Check out the dates and times of this course here. Available at both Warrington & Winsford campuses.


You can view all of the upcoming dates and times in our adult course guide here

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Rick Cayzer – Curriculum Manager

Rick Cayzer - Curriculum Manager

“We are pleased to be able offer this selection of new courses to our local community, in conjunction with the Cheshire and Warrington Local Enterprise Partnership. We have identified that there are a number of people who need to build their confidence and skills when it comes to the modern technology, that many of us take for granted”.