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Smart Assessor

What is Smart Assessor?

Smart Assessor is an online system that tracks every detail of the apprenticeship journey at the click of a button, eliminating paper based portfolios.

It is a website that can be accessed wherever you have internet access.
Your assessor will demonstrate how to access smart assessor.


  • Upload evidence for your assessor to view and mark
  • View your learning plan showing all your appointments, targets and reviews
  • Access the Learner dashboard which shows your progress and provides access to course resources
  • Download the Smart Assessor app for smartphones/tablets (can also be used offline) to see your progress, appointments and targets on the go!
  • Provide feedback for your assessor after each appointment
  • Receive emails from Smart Assessor reminding you of your next appointment
  • Personalise your Smart Assessor by adding your photo and CV
  • Access your ePortfolio for 7 years after completion of your qualification to show prospective employers.

In addition to support from your assessor there are various user guides for learners on Smart Assessor.