Securing An Apprenticeship- Your Questions Answered!

Are you thinking of applying for an apprenticeship and not sure where to start? Our expert apprenticeship team have answered the questions that get asked the most. Apprenticeships are a fantastic way to earn while you learn, and a great alternative to a full time course. Let’s find out more!


How can I find an apprenticeship?

All apprenticeship vacancies are listed on the national apprenticeship website. Local vacancies with the employers we work with are always being updated on our college website. If you don’t manage to secure an apprenticeship, you will start on a full time course and we will work with you and swap you over onto an apprenticeship when you find one. Our apprenticeship ‘matching service’ aims to match you up to suitable vacancies.

Which subject area should I apply for? 

There is a large range of apprenticeships available, and we advise to apply for a course you will enjoy and want to pursue as a career. Whether you are aiming for an office based role in the business world, or dream of working in construction, we have something for everyone. The apprenticeships we run are: Accountancy, Brickwork, Business Administration, Carpentry & Joinery, Computing, Customer Services, Electrical Installation, Engineering, Human Resources, Lab Technician, Management, Motor Vehicle and Plumbing.

How can I stand out when applying to an employer for an apprenticeship? 

You should make sure you have an up to date, well written CV. You can email your CV to our apprenticeship team, where it will be kept in our apprenticeship ‘talent pool.’ Employers will see appropriate CVs when they are recruiting, so it’s important to make yours stand out! The careers department can also assist you with interview preparation and advise you on how to structure and write your CV.

How should I prepare for an apprenticeship interview? 

At present we are offering zoom calls for interview tips. Usually this would be done in college every month, however due to the current situation we are offering telephone calls or zoom. Finding out about the employer you have an interview with is vital; research is key! Find out exactly what the company does, what their values are, and precisely what they are looking for in an apprentice.

What should I put in my CV?

Your CV should be concise and professional, presenting all of your skills and attributes. It should contain any work experience you have done, any impressive projects you have taken part in at school, your educational history and your hobbies and interests. Our careers team can help you put your CV together. You should email your CV to the apprenticeship team and it will be kept in the talent pool ready for when a vacancy you would like to apply for becomes available.

How can I impress my new boss when I start my apprenticeship?

Just like any other job role, it is important to maintain your timekeeping, show willingness to learn and use initiative wherever possible.

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