Warrington teenager plants tree at Collegiate as part of GCSE Citizenship project

Warrington Collegiate and local teenager Amy Cayzer have worked together to enhance a small corner of the College campus.

14-year-old Amy, who attends Sir Thomas Boteler High School, planted the Mountain Ash tree on Floyd Drive – behind the Warrington Business School – in March as part of her GCSE Citizenship project.

Amy – whose dad Rick is Curriculum Leader for Business, Professional and Trade Union Studies at the Collegiate – was joined by her classmate Aimee Cross, also aged 14.

The tree planting came after staff at the College filled in a survey on Global Warming that Amy had created as part of her GCSE Citizenship coursework.

She said: “Hopefully the tree we planted will benefit the local community because it will absorb greenhouse gases, publicise the issues surrounding global warming and make the area look greener.”

Aimee said: “We just want to make people more aware of global warming.”

Rick said: “Amy has worked extremely hard on her GCSE Citizenship project and to see that come to fruition with the planting of the tree was fantastic. I’d like to thank all of my colleagues who filled in Amy’s survey and helped to make the tree planting possible – now every time we look outside the Business School we’ll see Amy’s tree and be reminded of the issues she is trying to raise awareness of. I’m so proud of what she’s achieved.”