Warrington Collegiate teams up with Gorilla Glue to give Joinery students the strength to succeed

JOINERY students at Warrington Collegiate are now working with one of the strongest adhesives on the market thanks to a kind donation from Gorilla Glue.

The joinery workshop now has an extensive collection of products from the US-based company – which has offices in Chorley – after representatives gave an in-depth demonstration on what to use and when.

Around 24 Level 1 Construction Skills students were given tips on how to better improve their work by using the correct product for the right material, whether it be super glue, PVA or super-strong tape.

Each student was given a goodie bag containing a sample of every product in their range. They also supplied the department with 24 bottles of Gorilla Glue, wood glue, tape, super glue and epoxy resin.

The students were even shown a handy way to use the company’s Gorilla Tape to “fix” their cracked mobile phone screens.

Thursday’s visit marked the start of an exciting new partnership between Warrington Collegiate and Gorilla Glue.

Ben Whitfield, Curriculum Leader for Construction, Carpentry and Joinery, said: “We’re really grateful to the guys at Gorilla Glue for coming in to College to show our Joinery students how their products work.

“As one of the largest training providers of post-16 education in the Warrington area, it’s only natural that we would want to give our students the best training possible and to have industry professionals come in to show them how to use their products correctly is great.

“Gorilla Glue has donated a huge amount of its products to the College, which means our students will now be able to work first hand with some of the best products on the market.

“They have also been given some great tips for what adhesive to use when and we look forward to continuing and developing our relationship with Gorilla Glue.”