Exceptional Art & Design students secure fantastic offers at a host of universities

Warrington & Vale Royal College has a history of running successful art programmes which has nurtured the talents of young artists, helping them to progress onto a range of exciting destinations.

This year, we celebrate three vibrant young students who have all secured offers at university and have shown a real dedication to their work. All have had to overcome the challenges of lockdown including being away from the studios in college and fellow peers, working from home with limited access to materials, and having to create a portfolio of work to be assessed in their UCAS applications.


Molly Horrocks photo

Level 3 Art & Design student, Molly Horrocks has impressed after securing offers at all four universities she applied for including her first choice, Manchester Metropolitan University. The former Padgate Academy student says, “I managed to achieve a Distinction grade in my work last year, which I wouldn’t have been able to do without my tutor Hazel’s support. She has shown me new techniques to use in my photography and I’ve gained confidence in trying new mediums I didn’t think I’d be good at.” Molly says she has always had a passion for photography and uses her memories of childhood to influence her work, which is reflected in her portfolio. She is hoping to train to become an art teacher with a specialism in photography.





Kirsten Jolley photoLevel 3 Art & Design Foundation student, Kirsten Jolley has managed to secure an offer to study Architecture at Northumbria University. The former Sandbach County High School student says, “I’ve always had an interest in architecture and buildings, particularly the social problems associated with overcrowding. I want to look at overcoming these problems in a creative and sustainable way.” Kirsten’s portfolio explores the nature versus nurture debate and life influences. She painstakingly recreates family photographs by sketching with a fine liner pen over layers of tissue paper. Speaking of her time at college, Kirsten remarks, “There is a focus on you as an individual. The tutors recognise your strengths and help to nurture this. It’s a great course for experimenting with different media and finding your own style.”



Zsofia Piukovity


Zsofia Piukovity, a Level 3 Art & Design student, has secured an offer to study Graphic Design at the University of Bolton. The former Beamont Collegiate Academy student says she has thoroughly enjoyed studying at college commenting, “The course is really varied allowing you to experiment with hands-on techniques such as crafts and embroidery, as well as digital techniques. It has definitely helped prepare me for university and it’s a great foundation for further study. I really recommend it.” Zsofia’s work explores a variety of mediums including repurposing textiles and she says she takes inspiration from the environment around her. In the future, she has ambitions to work as a graphic designer or an art curator.



A huge congratulations to all the students on their university offers!

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Molly Horrocks


View more here: https://mollyhorrocks.myportfolio.com/

Molly Horrocks portfolio work


Kirsten Jolley

Nature and Nurture

View more here: https://spark.adobe.com/page/eRjTOofMPSZeZ/

Kirsten Jolley portfolio


Zsofia Piukovity

Beauty in the Waste

View more here: https://zsofiapiukovityb.myportfolio.com/

Zsofia Piukovity portfolio