Carpentry & Joinery students give back to their community with Scooterboard project

Carpentry & Joinery students spent the day putting their skills to the test at the Halliwell Jones Stadium, as part of a joint project with the Warrington Wolves Charitable Foundation.

The project is aimed at transforming 10 wheeled-bases into much-needed sensory aids. The project saw students work together to create ‘Scooterboards’ – a piece of equipment used by the Foundation in schools across the town.

Craig Thomason, Total:Sport Coordinator within the Foundation’s Inclusion team, said: “We deliver sessions to young people with additional needs, during term time and holidays. In the past we’ve been able to borrow ‘Scooterboards’. They are a fantastic tool for children with mobility issues and sensory needs, or for any child to just have fun with.

“Unfortunately, they can be extremely expensive and we are unable to buy any ourselves and neither are the majority of the schools we deliver sessions in.

“We had 10 bases donated that were similar to Scooterboards and the students from Warrington Collegiate have been able to transform them into fully functioning Scooterboards that we can use.”

A number of the boards will be donated to local schools.

The project was organised by Warrington Collegiate’s Work Placement Officer, Faye Hennessey.

She said: “This is a fantastic community project that we are really proud to have been a part of. Having seen how these Scooterboards are used to help both children with additional needs and those without, I know that the hard work of our students will not go to waste. These Scooterboards are sure to create hours of fun for children across the Warrington area.”