Becky jumps to a healthy lifestyle thanks to College’s Active You team

A childcare student at Warrington Collegiate has seen her life transform for the better after taking up a hands-on role with the College’s enrichment team.

When Rebecca Hewitt started college in 2014 she lived an inactive lifestyle outside of studying.

The 19-year-old – who is currently studying for her Level 3 Diploma in Children’s Care, Learning and Development – found it difficult to balance her free time with her coursework.

She ended up leaving the dancing class she attended on a regular basis and went a year without doing any exercise.

But that all changed when Rebecca was introduced to the College’s ‘Active You’ enrichment team, which gives students the chance to socialise and meet new people while staying healthy through a range of exciting activities.

One of those activities is Boogie Bounce, introduced at the college last spring by College Sport Maker Jordyn Layfield. It was that, and volunteering for Active You, that saw Becky return to an active lifestyle.

Becky said: “Everything changed when I was introduced to Jordyn and the Active You team. It was great, there was a range of activities on throughout the week which worked around the students.

“That meant that if we couldn’t go to an activity because of our classes, they’d change the day for the Active You class or put on more classes for us.”

Boogie Bounce is a complete exercise programme on a mini trampoline choreographed to funky, fun inspiring music to include aerobics, bums, tum and thighs. It has been around for almost two decades but has enjoyed a revival over the last year or so.

“Once they started Boogie Bounce at the College, everyone wanted to go – it’s the next big craze. I had a passion for it and started going to one class a week with other students,” said Becky.

This slowly built up, with Becky not only attending all Boogie Bounce classes but even leading them.

Becky said: “By doing Boogie Bounce, it got rid of any stress and worries and really built my self-esteem and confidence. The impact it has had having Active You and Boogie Bounce in place is brilliant – I couldn’t be any happier.

“I’ve always believed in the saying ‘Life is what you make it’ and my life couldn’t be any better. Thanks to Jordyn and Bev and the Active You team. They are great, really lovely and friendly. The College wouldn’t be the same without this enrichment.”

Jordyn said: “It has been absolutely fantastic to see Becky’s self-esteem and confidence grow since she started volunteering with us at Active You. She has been a brilliant addition to the team and we are delighted that we have been able to help her improve her life so much.

“Since becoming a certified Boogie Bounce instructor, Becky has been helping to run classes on a weekly basis and leads them if I am not able to. Those taking part absolutely love her – she really is part of the team and is a shining example of what Active You is all about.”

As well as Boogie Bounce, Active You also runs weekly Zumba and Circuit Training sessions, which are open to the wider community.

To find out more, search ‘Active You in the Community’ on Facebook or call 01925 494380.