Nick Anderson – Lecturer in Electrical Installation

Hi, I’m Nick Anderson, Lecturer in Electrical Installation. I teach Level 1, 2 and 3 full time Electrical Installation courses at the Hartford and Warrington campuses. In a typical week I will be delivering lessons, supervising practical activities, marking and assessing work, maintaining learner records, attending training and supporting learners to ensure successful learner outcomes.

I have 31 years’ industrial experience, working nationwide in the UK, and internationally in both Germany and the USA. I have been teaching for 19 years, delivering on a wide range of courses.

The college offers great training and development opportunities, and it is great to be working with the next generation of electricians, and be in a position to improve industrial standards.

We have a wealth of knowledge on offer at the college and it is important that every learner takes full advantage of this. I believe that learning is part of our everyday life, and we should all take every opportunity to learn new things and be the best version of ourselves.

I tell my learners I am here ‘to teach you, to inspire you and to help you grow. I’ll do my part. The rest is up to you’.

We work with industry leading professionals to offer skills competitions to our learners. This is an opportunity for employer engagement, for learners to meet with suppliers in the industry, look at their products and to raise their profile with potential future employers. I want to continue to build on this, and offer more skills competitions in the future.

As we are a multi-site college my job does involve travelling between campuses. It can be a noisy environment to work in, with lots of staff and student activity going on, so it can be hard to concentrate at times. Keeping up to date with the latest regulations and technologies can be demanding and time consuming.

My ambition is to lead my own successful electrical installation department at the college. I have recently applied and been accepted on to the Aspiring Leaders Programme at the College. The programme will provide valuable Leadership and Management training, and help me work towards my goal of becoming a manager.