Hairdressing student Holly-Ann Middleton showcases her skills

Warrington & Vale Royal College student Holly-Ann Middleton has been thriving throughout her Level 2 Hairdressing course and has even launched her own Facebook page -‘Holly-Ann Hair and Beauty’- to document her work.

Holly-Ann, a former student of Bridgewater High School, has always wanted to be a hairdresser and decided Warrington & Vale Royal College was the best place to help her achieve her ambition. She is flourishing on her course and feels she has already learned a great deal, saying: “We’ve learnt so much in a short amount of time.”

Dedicated Holly-Ann works part time in Warrington-based salon Hair 2 Order, perfecting her practical skills and customer service experience. She particularly likes speaking to clients, saying: “I enjoy talking to clients and making that relationship with them.” Holly-Ann, who dreams of one day building her own client base, set up her Facebook page to showcase her skills and document her progress towards becoming a fully-qualified hairdresser. She says: “I started the page to show off my skills, then I realised it may attract clients to come try services out with me. I now regularly post about my progress and journey through hairdressing.”

Holly-Ann’s managers at Hair 2 Order, Kim and Kelly, think highly of Holly-Ann, describing her as “very efficient when given a task to do.” Her managers also state that: “Holly-Ann takes critique very well; she understands this will help her in her career.”

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