Fiction VS Facts – Uncovering the myths around vocational qualifications

Lots of people have misconceptions about vocational courses, here we take a closer look at what vocational courses and apprenticeships actually involve.

Can you decipher which are the facts and which are fiction?


“Vocational courses are for students who aren’t academic.”

Fiction – Vocational courses are chosen for your preferred learning style and career goals, not academic ability.


“Vocational qualifications aren’t as desired/favoured as A Level qualifications”

Fiction – Level 3 vocational qualifications are equivalent to A Levels. A Distinction* is equal to A* at A Level.


“Apprenticeships are a good way to earn while you learn”

Fact – Apprenticeships allow you to work and study at the same time. You can combine practical training in your workplace whilst studying one day a week at college, all whilst still getting paid!


“Vocational courses are only for construction trades only.”

Fiction – Vocational learning offers a variation of courses, including Applied Science and Business.  Visit to see all the courses the college offers to school leavers.


“You have to study A-Levels if you want to go to university”

Fiction – Over a quarter of university students studied a BTEC rather than A Levels.


“Vocational courses involve lots of practical learning”

Fact – Vocational qualifications consist of more hands-on training that prepares students for real world situations and jobs. With hands-on training, you can be one step ahead and secure your desired career.


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