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Employers….we need you!

Our Work Placement Team are always looking for employers who can offer quality work placements for our students because without your help our students would not be able to experience their desired career. If you can offer a quality work placement for our students we would love to hear from you so please send us an email to: or call: 01925 494368.


You may think there is a lot of paperwork to complete but we are here to tell you that all we need is the following

  •  Health and safety risk assessment completed via telephone or site visit
  • Copy of employer liability insurance certificate
  • Feedback at the end of the placement completed via a link sent on email
  • If taking on a Level 3 extended work placement student (45 days) there are an additional 3 forms to complete (aims and objectives, midpoint review and a final review).

Duration Options

There are different duration options for work experience depending on the course the student studies but if none of the below options suit your business then please get in touch to discuss possible alternatives.

  • 1 or 2 week blocks with a set date in the academic year
  • 1 day a week for 5 weeks
  • Extended work placement for some level 2 and 3 students (course dependent) – two days a week totalling 45 days over the academic year
  • Work Experience Days – where a group of students might visit a work place to gain an insight into how the business runs and what happens behind the scenes.


  • Giving back to your local community by helping those at the start of their career
  • If a staff member is wanting progression within the company such as managerial experience then mentoring a student could be a great starting point
  • We will feature you on our social media and website platforms
  • It is a great way to trial your future workforce because a work placement could lead to future employment or an apprenticeship
  • If you take on more than 3 students in the academic year, as a thank you for your continued support, we will send you a certificate of participation and invite you to our end of year award ceremony if your student is receiving an award.

During and after work experience

A student on placement should be treated like any other employee and given a true experience of what working for your company involves on a daily basis. We are aware that the student will not be able to undertake some tasks due to health and safety but they should still be encouraged to observe and ask questions.

Our students will be aged 16-19 and maybe unfamiliar to the work environment so greater supervision is needed to ensure their safety whilst working. If any of our students have any medical issues you will be notified by email along with the placement confirmation details prior to the students start date.

We always encourage the student to take pictures if possible of the work they do so they have a record of what they did and we can show future students what a quality work experience looks like.
Once the placement is finished the student and employer will be sent a feedback request via email. Feedback is very important as this helps us find out how things went from both perspectives and if anything can be improved in the future. It also shows what the student has gained from the experience and if they now feel work ready.

We ask all work experience students to update their CV after placement so they can increase their chances of securing employment in the future.

If you have enjoyed supporting our students then maybe you would like to help out in other ways too, such as coming in to be a guest speaker to share your industry knowledge, donating materials or offering a tour of your business.


If you would like to offer any of the above we would love to hear from you, please contact us at: or call: 01925 494368.

Meet the team

Hope Thomas
Work Placement Officer | 01925 494466

Viola Wons - Employer Engagement Officer

Viola Wons
Employer Engagement Officer | 01925 494572

Laura Bennett
Work Placement Officer | 01925 494386

Lisa Murrell

Lisa Murrell
Employer Engagement Officer | 01925 494486

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