How do I find an apprenticeship?

If you’ve looked at the apprenticeship vacancies of our site but there isn’t a position in your area of interest, don’t be disheartened! Be proactive and go out to companies in your local area to see if they are looking for a trainee. By showing how keen you are you will set yourself apart from the rest!

Step 1

Write a CV detailing your qualifications – don’t worry if you don’t have any or are waiting for GCSE grades from school – including any work experience you’ve had. Add your full address, with postcode, and your date of birth too. Make sure your CV is laid out correctly and you’ve checked your spelling and grammar. Don’t forget to include what type of apprenticeship you are interested in pursuing and why. If you need some help writing your CV, come along to one of our we offer CV workshops.

You can register for one of our workshops by contacting the Apprenticeship Team at


Step 2

Draw up a list of companies you are interested in working for – don’t forget to check our job vacancies page! Then put together a covering letter stating why you want to work in your role of interest and why working at each company interests you.


Step 3

Send your covering letter and CV to your chosen companies, or even better arrange to meet the manager face to face.


Step 4

If you don’t hear anything within 2 weeks of applying, follow up with a phone call asking whether they have received your CV and if there are any relevant vacancies available. Even if they don’t have a suitable position right now, don’t give up! Ask them to keep your details on hand in case a position arises.



Don’t forget…

You might not be successful with the first employer you approach, keep trying!

If you’re offered an interview then this is your time to shine, sell yourself.

During the interview, be prepared to ask questions as well an answer them.

Once you have found a position, contact our Apprenticeships team immediately. We will arrange for one of our apprenticeship coaches to come and visit you and your employer in the work place to go through how the apprenticeship will work and set up your training programme.