ACL Mindfulness Lecturer Felicia Woodhouse on finding her calling

Felicia Woodhouse was unemployed for a number of years on account of her depression, yet with the help of New Leaf and Warrington & Vale Royal College, she soon found her calling as a Mindfulness Lecturer.

“I was on the New Leaf programme, part of the Building Better Opportunities programme, funded by the European Social Fund (ESF) and the National Lottery, through the Big Lottery Fund, which helps get people closer to employment” says Felicia, “my mentor recommended Warrington & Vale Royal College’s ‘I am I can’ confidence course which was held in a local library. Attending college always felt quite daunting, so the fact the classes took place within the community library, somewhere which was familiar to me, really helped.”

The ‘I am I can’ course, explained Felicia, looks at ways of being more comfortable with ourselves and discovering and accepting who we are: “Sometimes you forget or are ashamed of who you are. My classmates and the tutor helped me to realise that I’m not alone in my feelings and they’re not unnatural. I soon remembered my creative side and how much I love to help people.”

When a vacancy for a Mindfulness Lecturer became available at the college, Felicia felt like it was the natural next step. Now, Felicia teaches the ‘I am I can’ course alongside other Adult Community Learning staff, including Well-being Lecturer Nicky Price and Holistic Lecturer Jane Gallimore.

“The ‘I am I can’ course helps you to heal from the hurts that hold you back and it empowers you to do the things you’re afraid of,” said Felicia. “The classes I lead provide a quiet time to complete reflective tasks and crafts.

“I feel so lucky to work at Warrington & Vale Royal College. As a new teacher, the support and encouragement I’ve received is astounding. It’s unlike any other organisation I’ve worked for – they look after you both professionally and personally. Seeing the development of my adult students is so unbelievably rewarding. Every adventure requires a first step and I for one have certainly never looked back.”

Are you ready to take that first step? To find out more about our ‘I am I can’ confidence course click here.